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Convertible SoftTop Repair Know-How  

The best and most expensive repair is to replace the entire SoftTop. But, if your SoftTop has only some small rips or tears no longer then 25 cm (10 in) in total, you can repair it yourself. With the right repair technique it is easy to do. It is also possible to repair larger tears by sewing up and sealing the tear.

We are classic car enthusiasts from Germany. We have tested many household and special repair products for convertible SoftTops and SoftTop rear plastic windows. We used Patch Kits with Glue, Denim Patches, Duct Tap, Silicone, Cement Glue and many other products. They all offer only temporary, non permanent repair.

So we developed an entirely new product. CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl for a permanent repair without patches or glue. CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl is designed for all SoftTops made of vinyl, fabric, cloth, canvas, mohair and fits all convertible car brands. Liquid Vinyl is available in black, dark blue, dark brown. For all other colors we have designed Liqud Vinyl universal transparent mat, which lets the original color shine through to make the color effect. For the repair of vinyl rear windows, we developed CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl transparent crystal clear glossy.

CABRIODOC Germany | Soft Top Repair CABRIODOC Germany | Vinyl Window Repair

Convertible SoftTops are exposed to sun, rain, wind, mechanical loads and harsh environmental conditions.

After sunshine with a surface temperature of up to approx. +100°C (+212°F) on the SoftTop, the generic glue begins to melt and the patch or tape peels off. All patches and tapes are coated with or use resin contact adhesives. These resin contact adhesives start to melt at approx. +80°C (+176°F).

CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl resists temperatures of -40 to +120 °C (-40 to +248 °F) and does not peel of under sunshine.

Resin contact adhesives stick only on-top of the fabric or vinyl SoftTop surface. Silicone sticks only on fabric SoftTops, but does not stick on vinyl SoftTops. Rain and humidity infiltrates the patch or tape. The adhesive does not stick any longer and the patch peels off.

CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl is absorbed by the fiber of fabric SoftTops or melts together with a chemical reaction on vinyl tops and plastic rear windows. So it is nearly impossible that the CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl is infiltrated by water. CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl is resistant to water, alcohol, most solvents, fuels, oil, saltwater and UV curing.

Patches or tapes break loose under mechanical load because the contact adhesive are not designed for stretching.  The double layer of patch and SoftTop is not very flexible. It is not possible to bend or wrap the repair area.

CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl makes a permanent, durable and flexible connection with the original material. You can fill larger gaps and bend, wrap, fold, pull or stretch your SoftTop as usual.

Patch repairs are extremly visible. Silicone repairs have an extremly visible glossy surface.

CABRIODOC Liquid Vinyl is much less visible, because you only apply a highly flexible film which has a dull surface.